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acrobat n : an athlete who performs acts requiring skill and agility and coordination

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From acrobate, from Ancient Greek ακροβάτης (akrobates) "walking on tiptoe, climbing aloft", from ακροβατέω (akrobateo) "to walk on tiptoe", from άκρον (akron) "highest or farthest point, mountain top, peak" + βατής (bates) "one that treads or covers", an inflection of βαίνω (baino) "to walk, to step".


IPA: WEAE /ˈæk.ɹo.bæt/


  1. An athlete who performs acts requiring skill, agility and coordination.


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freanch for one who walks on tip toe

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aerialist, bareback rider, circus artist, clown, contortionist, equestrian director, equilibrist, flier, funambulist, gymnast, high wire artist, high-wire artist, juggler, lion tamer, palaestrian, pancratiast, ringmaster, ropewalker, slack-rope artist, snake charmer, sword swallower, tightrope walker, trapeze artist, tumbler, weightlifter
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